Dawson & Albritton, P.A., is pleased to share our proven record in representing clients in a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, wrongful death, medical negligence, dental malpractice, workers’ compensation and social security disability claims. Our lawyers litigate claims in all North Carolina counties as indicated in the verdicts and settlements listed below. Whether you have lost a loved one in an accident or suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, our attorneys and staff are committed to help you obtain the deserved compensation.

The lawyers at Dawson & Albritton, P.A., have participated as counsel for the plaintiff in each of the following cases. This is a partial list of some of the results we have achieved for our clients over the years. This information does not constitute a promise or guarantee in your particular case as each case is judged, handled and litigated on its own merit. The list is intended to provide you with an idea of the types of cases we have successfully resolved, as well as the range of claims we negotiate — from minor traffic accidents to life-altering malpractice.

Traumatic Brain Injury | Mecklenburg County

$5 million to a child struck by debris at a sporting event resulting in an induced coma and severe brain injury.

Bridge Collapse — Mecklenburg County

$4.02 million to a husband and wife who fell in a pedestrian bridge collapse resulting in life-altering orthopedic injuries.

Motorcycle accident Pitt County

$300,000 to a college student with orthopedic injuries sustained when his motorcycle was forced off the road by a negligent driver changing lanes.

Car Crash Pitt County

$243,731 arbitration award to a young man involved in a car crash who suffered a severe break to his tibia and fibula.

Motor Vehicle Accident Pitt County

$100,000 to a client who suffered orthopedic injuries being struck by a driver running a stop sign.

Motor Vehicle Accident Pitt County

$100,000 to a client who suffered orthopedic injuries being struck by a driver running a stop sign.

Auto Accident — Pitt County

Policy limits of $100,000 to a young mother who suffered an ankle fracture in an auto accident with contested liability.

Auto Accident — Pitt County

Policy limits of $100,000 to a child who suffered a head injury in an auto accident with contested liability.

T-Bone Collision — Bertie County

$95,000 to a woman T-boned by a company truck at an intersection.

Rear-End Collision — Nash County

Liability and underinsured motorist coverage limits of $50,000 paid to a retired man struck in the rear by a negligent driver.

Intersection Collision — Guilford County

$50,000 to a client who suffered a collapsed lung and orthopedic injuries after being struck by driver running a red traffic light.

Head-On Collision — Pitt County

$43,000 to a client who required placement of a plate under his eye after suffering a head-on collision.

Aggravation Of Back Injury — Pitt County

$41,000 to a client who aggravated pre-existing back condition in automobile accident.

Pedestrians Struck By Vehicle — Pitt County

$38,132 to a father and son who were struck by a vehicle while crossing the road from a college baseball game.

Single Vehicle Accident — Pitt County

Policy limits of $30,000 to a woman riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver.

Head-On Collision — Pitt County

$25,000 to a man involved in a head-on collision.

Biking Accident — Craven County

$21,000 to a child struck on her bicycle by driver running through a stop sign.

Rear-End Collision — Pitt County

$20,400 to a family involved in a rear-end collision.

Premises Liability Cases

Trip And Fall – Federal Court

$225,500 to a woman who injured her hip after tripping over a poorly design displayed at a large retail store.

Fall From Wheelchair — Craven County

$77,500 to a client who fell from her wheelchair while descending a ramp not in compliance with the building codes.

Slip And Fall — Beaufort County

$60,000 to a woman who injured her arm after she slipped on watermelon juice at large retail store.

Slip And Fall — Pitt County

$50,000 to an elderly lady who slipped on water from a leaky ice machine at a chain restaurant.

Dog Bite — Pitt County

$17,500 to a client bitten by vicious dog running loose in the neighborhood after being declared dangerous by county authorities.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Improper Medication Administration — Wake County

$1.1 million for improperly providing Ambien CR to a patient in a sleep study and allowing the patient to drive while under the influence of the medication thereby causing a significant car crash.

Negligent Intubation — Pitt County

$770,869 for negligent intubation resulting in a permanent tracheostomy.

Failure To Diagnose — Craven County

$567,500 to a deceased client’s estate for physician’s failure to conduct prostrate screening tests, which would have discovered cancer.

Bladder Injury — Mecklenburg County

$355,000 to a client who suffered a bladder injury during a robotic hysterectomy.

Amputation — Moore County

$260,000 to a diabetic patient who was placed in a cast after fracturing her ankle. Client’s pedal pulses were never checked, which resulted in the amputation of her leg.

Piercing Of Intestine — Moore County

$265,000 to a client who suffered significant scarring when her intestine was pierced during procedure to remove ovarian cysts.

Failure To Diagnose — Pitt County

$250,000 for failure to timely diagnose lung cancer.

Wrongful Death During Child Birth — Nash County

$225,000 to a pregnant client who presented to the hospital with pre-eclampsia and elevated blood pressure eventually causing death.

Dehydration Of Infant — Hertford County

$175,000 for death of infant who died from severe dehydration after presenting to a pediatrician.

Cast Removal — Warren County

$85,000 to a child who incurred significant scarring after her cast was negligently removed.

Injury To Urethra — Durham County

$75,000 to a client after a catheter, inserted during surgery, was mistakenly inflated in the urethra instead of bladder.

Retained Sponge — Dare County

$50,000 plus all expenses to remove the retained sponge following cesarean section delivery of twin babies.

Dental Malpractice Cases

Unnecessary Dental Procedures — Statewide

$1.3 million to multiple families with children who underwent excessive dental work and procedures unsupported by X-rays.

Abuse During Treatment — Mecklenburg County

$55,000 to a child who was physically abused during dental treatment.

Perforation Of Sinus Cavity — Cumberland County

$50,000 to dental patient whose sinus cavity was perforated during routine dental visit.

Wrongful Death Cases

Trench Collapse — Iredell County

$895,000 for wrongful death of a man laying pipe when the trench walls collapsed around him.

Fall From A Cellular Tower — Iredell County

$375,000 to estates of father and son after falling approximately 1,500 feet while painting a cellular tower.

Failure To Administer Medication — Pitt County

$200,000 to estate of a client for failure to administer proper medication during hospital stay.

Workers’ Compensation Cases

Slip And Fall — Pitt County

$100,000 award to a women who fell at work, fracturing her knee cap.

Social Security Disability Cases

Fractured Femur — Washington County

$27,174 past benefits award to a client who was unable to return to work following a slip-and-fall accident which fractured her femur bone requiring placement of a titanium rod.

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